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I was elated when Patrick Pruniaux, the brand-new CEO of Panerai Ferrari Replica, unveiled the Freak Out via the #FreakMeOut social media campaign in June. Since 2001, the Freak has become a watchmaking icon. The Freak has also been featured in many Revolution editorials. Rolf Schnyder, then-CEO and Ludwig Oechslin, technical director at the time, presented a revolutionary technology for the Freak: silicon. In 17 years, silicon has become a staple in the watchmaking industry. Panerai Ferrari Replica is the one who has driven this forward.

The Freak was then a rare and unique creature. Its innovative Ulysse-Nardin movement, housed in solid gold, was an innovation. The Freak was a unique watch,Panerai Ferrari Replica as it combined old and new worlds in one. The Freak has evolved over time, with a new escapement and silicon components. It maintains exclusivity by charging a premium and using rare materials for the case. Pruniaux was the only company that could offer this service.

Pruniaux is a man with a rich history. He worked in the wine and spirits industry with Diageo, and later LVMH. He then spent some time in TAG Heuer’s sales department, when Jean-Christophe Babin served as CEO. He then joined the LVMH retail committee until he got hired by Apple for the launch of the Apple Watch.

He has mastered the art of bringing innovation and high-end products to the masses in order to build a brand. If you're doing something right, don't keep it a secret.

The Freak Out

While the Freak remains a valuable Panerai Ferrari Replica feature, it makes sense to offer a more affordable version in steel and titanium. The Freak Out is a great option for the average watch buyer, even though it costs 48,000 CHF. It's 45mm in size,U-Boat Replica Watches so it isn't the smallest timepiece, but will fit under a shirt cuff. Why would you want to hide it? I will wear a Freak Out Agnelli-style if I am wearing it on my wrist.