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Have you encountered any challenges when creating a timepiece?

It was not easy to incorporate 90% of the designs I had into the watch, because we were playing around with the case.

What is your favorite combination of ceramic and titanium for the case?

We all worked together to develop the materials.Panerai Replica We worked as a team with Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches; we got along really well, and we worked together like I do here with my team. The joint design process was natural.

What attracted you to Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Watches specifically?

RO: I was inspired by the freedom to create that they offered me, but also because I was a fan of the brand. It was my desire to collaborate and share something with them. They are also ahead of their competition in a lot of ways. The brand is full of energy, which is enhanced by the management, whose goals are in complete harmony with mine.

What impressions did you have after visiting the factory?

It's a magical place. I was amazed by the robots that have hundreds of tools to use on an component. I also use machines, but not like this.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It is a real treat to visit the factory. The trip was well worth it.

Do you have a watch?

RO: I'm a vintage watch collector.

Do you recall your first watch?

RO: My first watch was given to me by my grandmother. Bulgari at a time when Bulgari wasn't well-known. It was unique and I wanted it. I had quartz watches with LED red and green displays.

What are your plans for Art Miami?

RO: It's the unveiling of our new watch, of course. But we will also be holding a gallery, where I am going to show something between art and horology. And there will also be a celebration. So, quite a lot going on.